Somewhere deep inside you sleeps a hero.

This hero is your authentic self; the person you were meant to be. He lies dormant, trapped by thick walls of fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of pain.

Some people never meet their hero self. Their hero dies with them, having slept for a lifetime.

Forging Leaders isn't for everybody. But if you are ready to conquer the fear that keeps you from becoming a remarkable leader, Forging Leaders might be for you.

Wrestling With Angels
Wrestling With Angels

Every day we make choices to either avoid our fears or to address the them. This article describes why the scary choice is the right choice. Read More »

Before I hired Jeremiah, I would create goals that would either partially get completed or work would get busy and I would forget about them. Having a coach has created accountability which helps me stay on track, complete my goals, improve my leadership with my team, and build better relationships.

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Most people fail to achieve their potential for three reasons. They don't have clarity on what they want. They don't have a great strategy. They don't have somebody to hold them accountable. My clients gain all three. If you want to become a remarkable leader in your business, your family, and your community, you might be ready for Forging Leaders. Read More »

If you want your group inspired, encouraged, challenged, or just kicked in the ass, I might be a good fit as your next keynote speaker. 
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One thing that sets heroes apart from ordinary people are their skills. Heroes have worked to master skills that the rest of us ignore. Forging Leaders workshops are designed to introduce and drive understanding through key leadership skills. Read More »